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Performance on a budget has arrived. Ridiculously Cold and Seriously Tough. In the past, everyone felt that a Grizzly or a Yeti cooler were the only high end cooler that could keep up with the active outdoor lifestyle. The introduction of Canyon Coolers may change all of that. Are they a better deal? You may be surprised to find out that Canyon coolers held ice significantly better than a Yeti Tundra in our Five Day Ice Challenge. Often found at $100 or more of a discount compared to a Yeti, Canyon coolers needs to be considered before your next cooler purchase.

Available Sizes

  • 22qt
  • 35qt
  • 55qt
  • 75qt
  • 125qt


  • Air tight seal
  • Tiedowns
  • Lockable
  • UV resistant
  • No lose drain plug

LA SIESTA HAMMOCKS: The New Wave Of Hammocking

You gotta see ’em to believe ’em — full of comfort, color, durability and uniqueness — a reason to make hammocking a sports related activity. Hammocks and Hammock Chairs proved to be a popular piece of furniture for indoor and outdoor purposes. Hammocks from La Siesta are unique in Shape, color and finishing and are appreciated by their users for lifetime. Our product offering includes:

  • Single hammocks
  • Double hammocks
  • Family hammocks
  • Travel hammocks
  • Kids hammocks
  • Lounger hammock chairs

Solo Stove Firepit

Gather your friends and family around the most innovative fire pit you’ll ever experience.

Solo Stove fire pits push the limit of combustion airflow efficiency with their minimalist outdoor design.  This technology makes it possible to enjoy a smoke free fire followed by an easy clean up.

  • Features:
  • Cooking Ring
  • Secondary Burn
  • Nichrome Wire Grate
  • Ash Pan
  • Airflow

The Solo Stove doesn’t just burn wood, it actually cooks the smoke out of the wood and then burns the smoke not once, but twice.  The Solo stove is indeed one of the most efficient wood burning stoves/fire pits you’ll ever own.




Copper Fire Pit

Available in 24″ and 30″

This classic 100% recycled copper fire pit will be a handsome addition to your patio or deck. Each fire pit is hand made and presents a shinny copper finish. This fire pit comes with the cover screen and poker, as well as a smaller non-toxic black coated steel charcoal grate to create an air space at the bottom of the pit.

Aristo Home & Garden

Princeton Torch: Help ward off those pesky mosquitoes.

Burn time: 18 hours