Soft, clear, chlorine-free water is easy to achieve. That’s the philosophy behind SoftSwim. It’s the reason pool owners everywhere are making the big switch to non-chlorine pool care.

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Bioguard’s Softswim Program is ideal for:

*Not more than 25,000 gallons
*Excellent circulation, using a sand filter
*Pump operates at least 12 hours per day
*Pool has a bottom drain
*In-ground or above-ground
*Any surface type, but especially great for all vinyl-lined pools

Step A: Control Algae with Softswim A:

Using an effective algicide is an important first step in your pool care regimen for inhibiting and controlling the growth of algae.Add it to your pool every two weeks to kep algae in check. Withstands evaporation from direct sunlight and works harder in high temperatures.

Step B: Sanitize with Softswim B:

Stops the spread of disease via pool water by effectively killing and controlling bacteria. Contains biguanide-the key ingredient that makes this program so different than chlorine-based sanitizers. Gentle on eyes, skin, and hair and is UV-protected.

Step C: Oxidize with Softswim C:

Formulated to last 30% longer in the water (a real money-saver). Clears your pool water by eliminating body oils, perspiration and other undesirable contaminants that can affect clarity and sparkle. Built-in stabilizer ensures that SoftSwim C’s dual action chemicals won’t burn off easily in hot weather.

It’s so simple…

It’s gentle on skin, hair and eyes and doesn’t give off unpleasant odors. And the easy-to-follow system makes routine maintenance a breeze. Keep it soft, simple and clear. BioGuard’s SoftSwim users know that there’s no better way to get luxuriously soft, sparkling water than with this complete, non-chlorine sanitizing system. With just three products, getting the pool water of your dreams is easier than ever.


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