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Jade ASR Tanning Bed on SALE!!!     All Skin Rejuvenation Bed

Regular Price: $4199     Sale Price: $3359        Red Light Phototherapy proven to revitalize and rejuvenate skin

A high-end residential tanning bed using the latest developments and design in commercial tanning. All beds come with arm and face tan enhancing lamps and all the features you expect for tanning at home with the highest comfort.

The Jade series tanning beds are available with 24 and 26 lamps, both are 120 volts. The beds come with dual arm and facial lamps for a better overall and deeper tan. The Jade 26 has not only a longer tanning surface, but also features “Reflector Combi” 110-Watt 75″ lamps in the canopy, for a tanning experience of a commercial quality in the comfort of your home. These are state of the art tanning beds including features like an advanced easy acrylic removal system, and easy access timer in the canopy, and steel frames for long durability.

You should have no doubts that the Jade will give you an excellent tan. It’s a home/commercial hybrid, and uses the same technology and steel frame as the light commercial Onyx unit. However, unlike the Onyx, the Jade series beds run on standard 120 Volt outlets, making it easy to set up anywhere in your home. The Jade 26 SR features the new skin rejuvenation technology.

* ProTech face and arm bronzers
* Easily accessed session timer
* Energy efficient air flow
* Jade 26, 28 & SR use Onyx canopies
* Six different models, including ASR!
* 26 and Up available in Cherry Red

Benefits of Skin Rejuvenating Lamps

Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
Activates fibroblast cells which create collagen and elastin
Improves skin tone
Creates more skin moisture for a more youthful appearance
Increases circulation to the skin
Heals blemishes
Helps repair sun-damaged skin

Jade ASR

Canopy Lamps: 14×100 watt Bench Lamps
Arm & Face Bronzers: N/A
Timer Type: Digital
Maximum Session Time:15 Minutes
Four Speed Body Fan: Optional
Adjustable Gas Spring Lifts: Standard
Easy Acrylic Removal System: Standard
Connection, Breaker: 120v/20 amp
Head Pad & Goggles: Standard
Overall Dimensions: 83″x35.5″x48″
Standard Colors: Bronze, Red


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